Give yourself the opportunity to experience three days of watercolor with Watercolor Live, online from January 26 to 28, 2023 plus the beginner’s day on the 25th, but be careful: you could become addicted

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Watercolor lovers, professional artists or enthusiasts, the month of January -and Streamline Publishing fans know it well- is synonymous with Watercolor Live: the three-day event (plus the optional pre-convention day of the 25 January) entirely dedicated to watercolor -transparent or opaque- this year in its third edition.

To welcome the participants there will be Eric Rhoads, The Man, founder and creator of the Streamline Publishing events and Kelly Kane, PleinAir Magazine and American Watercolor Weekly Editor-in-Chief, who has already accompanied The Man in the previous edition.

The presenters, supported by the tireless crew of the Streamline Publishing events, with their energy will lead the participants in this exciting three days in which, the demonstration sessions of the artists will alternate with the breakout rooms and the demonstration sessions of the sponsors, to end each evening as usual, with the paint along/cocktail hours, which allows you to paint a subject made available by the organizers in company.

As usual, the convention will be anticipated by the beginner’s day: the training day theoretically dedicated to beginners and practically “lived” by all those who are looking for insights, advice or simply an exchange of information with highly professional artists who respond to every sort of question.

Among the teachers of the beginner’s day this year there will be: Gabriel Stockton, member of the San Diego Watercolor Society and judge of the Salmagundi Club of New York; the multi-talented British artist Hazel Soan, television face and art writer; Joyce Hicks who with her works “of humble grandeur” transport the observer inside her paintings; Linda Kemp who conceives watercolor as a complex puzzle in which to implement strategies for the correct success of the composition; the architect Peter Jablokow, attracted by perspective images and the accuracy of the details; Cindy Briggs, known for sunny cityscapes and bright flowers; Lynn D. Pratt and her perfectionist nature in the representation of the details that become the subject of the painting and Sarah Yeoman, recognized for the strength of the stories she tells and for her ability to capture the fleeting qualities of light.

Each of them will deal with a theme in a different way, which this year will concern not only the materials, the compositional study and the harmony of the colors but also the contrast between the lights and the shadows, the techniques and the special effects, to then end up in beauty with two demonstrations, one of still life and one of landscape.

Among the great protagonists of the three-day official convention there will be other big names who have contributed to refining and giving prestige to the watercolor technique, remaining faithful to the style that characterizes them.

Among them there are: landscape architects, including Richard Russell Sneary, Mike Hernandez, Yong Hong Zhong, Vladislav Yeliseyev, George Politis, Jansen Chow, Alex Hillkurtz, Sarah Yeoman, Iain Stewart and Thomas W. Schaller with his extraordinary architectural views ; the figurative artists: Stan Miller, Ken Call and the wonderful Patricia Guzman specialized in the “psychological” portraiture of Mexican aborigines; artists dedicated to still life, such as: Irena Roman, Linda Daly Baker and Matthew Bird.

There will also be Shelley Prior who will make the composition of a swan and Birgit O’Connor who will make a floral arrangement.

A convention entirely dedicated to watercolors in which you can also experiment with mixed techniques in the demonstration created by Mark Mehaffey.

Miami Niche will repeat it endlessly: give yourself the opportunity to enter the world of Streamline Publishing events and to acquire – in just three days – concepts that require years of practice and study, which will be taught to you directly by great contemporary artists.

As a further guarantee of what has been said, Eric Rhoads is willing to “give you back” 100% of the money spent if you are not satisfied.

Click on the following link and get involved in Streamline Publishing events, you won’t do without them anymore.

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