The third edition of Realism Live, online November 10th-12th, 2022

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Streamline Publishing events, like the seasons, cadence the course of the year, and the many fans of the events created by the ubiquitous Eric Rhoads know that fall is synonymous with Realism Live. The event is produced in collaboration with Peter Trippi, art historian, writer and editor in chief of Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, the bimonthly magazine aimed at collectors of representative painting, sculpture, drawings and prints, both historical and contemporary.

Created in 2020 in time of pandemic, to make up for the impossibility of holding FACE -Figurative Art Convention and Expo, Realism Live is now in its third edition, which will take place November 10th-12th, 2022. As with all other events, there will be an optional opportunity to register for the pre-convention training day, which is essential for those who want to approach artistic realism (it’s schedule for November 9th). 

While the pandemic has penalized personal encounters, on the other hand it has facilitated people’s participation by bringing the event to a worldwide weighing because every year more and more people are connecting from all over the world in spite of even unlikely schedules.

The third edition of Realism Live will make a splash with a diverse and valuable roster of participants capable of satisfying the most discerning palates devoted to portraiture, still life, landscape and floral art. Among the faculty members will be Glenn Vilppu, the winner of the prestigious Amy Award for animation; Clyde Aspevig, recognized among the greatest contemporary landscape painters; Lisa Egeli, an extraordinary portrait painter and sensitive lover of nature; Michelle Dunaway, the artist most successful in following in the footsteps of the late master Richard Schmid with her painting at “alla prima”; Tood M. Casey and his classical approach with a progressive style; the extraordinary Daniel Graves, founder of The Florence Academy of Art; Juliette Aristides, founder of Gage Academy of Art; Michael Mentler, dubbed “the contemporary Leonardo”; Sarah Sedwick, author of the book “Dynamic Still Life for Artists”; Alex Kelly, inspired by his particular concept of beauty; Leona Shanks, founder with her late husband-artist Nelson Shanks-of Philadelphia’s Studio Incamminati; Alexander and Annalisa Shanks, children of art with an all-personal vision of painting; Dustin Van Wechel, recognized as the Master of the American West; award-winning Ned Mueller; Norwegian artist Cornelia Hernes; John Pototschnik, recognized as Living Master by the prestigious Art Renewal Center; the approach to portraiture of Karen Offutt; watercolor painter Mario A. Robinson; Oliver Sin, author of the famous “Drawing the Head for Artists: Techniques for Mastering Expressive Portraiture”; Sharon Sprung whose name has gone down in history as the painter who portrayed former first lady Michelle Obama; Debra Huse and her painting with an impressionist flair; Terry Strickland and her postcontemporary style; the “divine” Rose Frantzen and many more. 

In addition to the beauty of the demonstrations there will be, as usual, the sponsors of the event: the ever-present Pierre Guidetti of Savoir-Faire, Blick Art Materials, Michael Harding, Golden, Royal Talens, Raymar and Workshops in France, who in addition to showing new market innovations will also carry out practical demonstrations full of technical information and tips. 

In addition to the famous breakout rooms that will cadence the convention days, the paint along that will accompany attendees daily in the post-convention evenings, and the chance to win valuable materials, offered by the sponsors, the third edition of Realism Live will also offer the opportunity to know the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation.

Realism Live, like all Streamline Publishing events, offers you the opportunity to focus in the span of a few days on key concepts of realistic art that take years and years of study and hands-on practice. Give yourself the chance to learn while having fun and register for Realism Live by typing in the image at the following link: 

Miami Niche will accompany you daily as usual at this convention follow us on social media as well.

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