The Covid-19 does not stop the Tablinum Cultural Management that broadens horizons and exhibits at World Art Dubai, from 8 to 10 October, 2020.

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After the experience at the Pulse in Miami -this year in hibernation together with the entourage of Art Basel /Miami and the various major art exhibitions worldwide, due to the epidemic- the Tablinum Cultural Management of Bellagio, Como, does not stop and has opened its horizons to the Middle Eastern market by participating in the World Art Dubai. Live in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Alessandro Cerioli, Project Manager, Art Advisor and founder, with his wife Elisa Larese, art historian, of Tablinum Cultural Management, founded in 2013, declared: “We are happy to be able to start again with our program of international fairs and exhibitions. For Tablinum Cultural Management, working under these special conditions means making a contribution to the restart of a delicate and vital sector such as art. We feel invested with a special responsibility and we hope to do a good job in sowing the seeds of a cultural and artistic revival because art cannot and must not stop, not even in front of Covid!”. 

Alessandro Cerioli and Hana Holy, General Manager of the World Art Dubai

Hence the desire and the will to participate in the World Art in Dubai. Among the artists selected by Tablinum Cultural Management there are works by both artists from the “Bel Paese” (Italy) and international artists, among them: the Californian artist Mary Lipian for whom color enters into synergy with her studies in clinical psychology; Raffaella Rossi and her refined sensitivity for which water becomes a metaphor for the origin of life; Salvatore Liistro whose mouths, become the symbol of communication that combines the poetics related to ‘environment to the possibility of an open fruition of art; the artist and astrophile Giorgio Tardonato with the cosmic visions and suggestions related to the myth of creation and finally Maria Mouriadou who – with the superimposition of transparent layers, spread with a needle eyedropper, a brush and an airbrush makes the constellation Lyra vivid, at a distance of 33,000 light years. 

The Water Life by Rossella Rossi. Oil on canvas, 100×120 cm.

Everything and more for this edition of World Art Dubai, the largest affordable retail art fair in the region, exhibiting pieces of contemporary art from around the world.

M56 Cluster by Giorgio Tardonato. Oil on canvas and mixed media, 100×100 cm.

But the Tablinum Cultural Management does not stop here and has already scheduled from October 17 to November 1, at the exhibition space in Como, the exhibition “The Five Souls of Sculpture”: the international exhibition of sculpture that for seven years has included the participation of five sculptors from different parts of Europe. Among the sculptors selected this year there will be: Mieke Van den Hoogen (Holland), Piela Auvinen (Finland), Silvia Withoft-Foremny (Germany), Salvatore Liistro (Italy) and Pantaleo Cretì (Italy). In addition, also in 2020, will host a solo show of the photographer and artist Paolo Angelillo who with the exhibition “Caravaggio Reloaded” exhibits the timeless works of Caravaggio, skillfully brought back to life and made contemporary, bringing to the fore the will of the great master to highlight the human condition.

Nine Kisses I donated you, not to be Forgiven by Salvatore Liistro. Ceramic and golden leaf, 59×59 cm.

Even if the Covid-19 pandemic did not have in Saudi Arabia the unfortunate fate of Europe and the Americas, the Tablinum Cultural Management has nevertheless personally challenged physical and mental barriers to contribute in a concrete way to the rebirth of a market strongly penalized worldwide.

To them our support and encouragement.

Alessandro Cerioli and Elisa Larese
Kosmos by Maria Mouriadou. Mixed media 120×150 cm.
Mama Mia by Mary Lipian. Oil on canvas, 80×60 cm

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