The beauty of Max Mara coats in support of the Little Dream Foundation.

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Speaking of winter in Miami may seem like a paradox, but walking through the luxurious windows of the Design District, which is definitely stealing the show at the Bar Harbor Shop, it’s easy to stumble into warm winter clothing, which seems to clash with the tropical climate of Florida, even if analyzing the question it is not so difficult to understand why. Miami is a transition zone for those who decide to treat themselves to a glamorous trip to the tropics, or a week of art that Art Basel and all the entourage of related art fairs takes with it. It is not difficult to understand why, despite living in an average warm city, the windows of luxury brands follow the canonical seasons in the production of window dressing.

In this period in which Fashion Week rages from one city to another, imaginative dummies with almost human features are fully dressed with cloaks, gloves, caps and especially coats. Crowds look at the winter windows while the outside temperatures reach 100 degrees, but if the coat in question is a coat Max Mara, then maybe it’s worth going into boutiques to breathe some fresh air and let yourself be conquered by the line and from the finishes also to the impeccable quality of the fabric.

For an Italian woman, the coat is the camel-colored Max Mara coat in cashmere. A must-have for fashion addicts that cannot be renounced even if you live in the tropics, because you can get anywhere in three hours by plane: from the cold New York City to the Smoky Mountains and Maria Giulia Maramotti, ambassador of the brand and director of Max Mara for the United States know it, regardless the location of its boutiques, scattered in 105 countries of the world.

To celebrate the winter season of this very Italian brand, Max Mara has inaugurated the new collection with an event on invitation with an evocative name that highlights the craftsmanship of the brand Max Mara Heritage Coats. Flanked by the presentation of the 2018/2019 collection, the charity event in favor of the Little Dream Foundation, to which a part of the proceeds will go for each coat sold and accompanied by a special gift Max Mara.

Representing The Little Dreams Foundation Ms. Orianne Collins, president and co-founder with her husband Phil (yes, the singer) of the foundation, who is in charge of giving a future to talented, but unprofitable singers, artists and sportspeople to realize their dreams.

And between a flute of champagne and an appetizer, all served with extreme allure, the new deconstructed versions, with visible stitching from the almost impalpable fabrics for softness and lightness, peep out from the hangers in many different colors: the inevitable camel, blue and black with impeccable white, lilac and red. Long up to the ankles, three quarters rather than a jacket the classic coat challenges the cult of the moment: the Teddy Bear, so called for the furry texture.

In addition to coats, blazers, down jackets, Rex rabbit fur garments, with thick fur, smooth and soft to the point of looking like chinchilla, and then accessories: bags, shoes, scarves and glasses.

But in the midst of all these garments, one above all: the iconic Max Mara coat, the 101801 model, from the over line, the kimono sleeves and the double-breasted closure. Made of wool and cashmere beaver, it is finished with a matching belt and internal label dedicated to its history. For its realization 168 minutes of assembly are required, developed in 73 operations.

Opened in the Design District in 2015, the Max Mara boutique is a very Italian brand born in 1951 in Reggio Emilia by Achille Maramotti, named for the luster brought to the Cavaliere del Lavoro textile sector. The name Max Mara derives from the superlative Max combined with the diminutive of the surname of the founder Mara, Maramotti. Currently the company that also owns the brands Sportmax, Sportmax Code, Weekend Max Mara, ‘S Max Mara, Marella, Pennyblack, iBlues, and Marina Rinaldi (which takes the name of the great-grandmother of the founder) is run by the sons and works with particular attention worthy of Made in Italy to the quality and ability to create garments that go through the trends of the moment through perfect lines, absolute proportions and precious fabrics.


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