Tablinum Cultural Management for the first time at PULSE in Miami Beach.

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The PULSE Art Fair, which has been an integral part of the crazy Miami Art Week for 15 years, hosted Tablinum Cultural Management, as the only Italian gallery present at the fair.

Tablinum Cultural Management is based in Bellagio in the beautiful setting of Lake Como, in that same landscape Manzoni celebrated in the Newlywed Promises as: “That branch of Lake Como, which turns at noon, between two uninterrupted chains of mountains, all breasts and gulfs…” an enchanting landscape that not surprisingly recalls characters from the international jet-set who have officialized it as a luxury destination in the already majestic Italian landscape. Alessandro Cerioli, Project Manager and Art Advisor at Tablinum Cultural Management says: “Our studio is located materially in Italy but the proximity to Switzerland, international events and the tourist influx of the international jet-set they offer the area, and consequently our projects, an incredibly international structure.” 

Alessandro Cerioli is the founder along with his wife Elisa Larese of Tablinum Cultural Management, founded in 2013. 

Alessandro Cerioli, Elisa Larese e Mauro Colombo, Registrar of Tablinum Cultural Management

A common passion that binds them in the working project of life, but that has far more distant origins: Alessandro Cerioli is a classicist who has built his career in the field of evaluation and insurance of works of art in renowned studios and galleries, while Elisa Larese is an art historian, specializing in the economic management of artistic heritage, since 2011, the year in which she began her working career, she has to her credit numerous prestigious institutional collaborations both in Italy and abroad .

From 2013 to 2019 Tablinum Cultural Management has made a great leap in quality and has to date a staff composed of twelve people who take care of the different cultural segments within it and that range, from art to literature, from archaeology conferences and seminars.

As far as the artistic aspect goes, Tablinum Cultural Management plays a predominant role in Italy, where it works in collaboration with important museum institutions, but also by organizing conferences such as “Art Light of God”, in which participated top experts in the world’s art industry.

Serpent Nest by AD-Reflex

Tablinum Cultural Management‘s exhibitions take place in Como: during the autumn and spring period at the exhibition space officinacento5, which has hosted some big names of the international art scene such as Pablo Atchugarry, Michal Jackowski, Laurent Lafontas, Brigitte Cabell and Olivier Bertrand, and in the summer it exhibits in the evocative location of Villa Carlotta, right on Lake Como, where art walks step by step with nature.

Tablinum Cultural Management‘s promotion activity normally focuses on 80 artists, who are selected annually with extreme rigor and according to the trends of the art market and the demands of major collectors. Having joined Tablinum Cultural Management, the artists are represented on the international stage at exhibitions such as: the Wop Art Fair in Lugano, Switzerland; Tokyo Int’Art Fair, Japan; Art Capital, at the Grand Palais in Paris, France; Biennale in Florence, Italy and Miami Art Week, this year at the PULSE Art Fair in Miami, USA.

Space Girls by Isabella Angelantoni Geiger

This year’s PULSE Art Fair exhibition is the second year of attendance at Miami Art Week: last year they exhibited at the Miami River Art Fair, directed by Nina Torres, in Downtown Miami. 

This year at PULSE Art Fair, Tablinum Cultural Management opted for an international exhibition attended by three artists with related works: Isabella Angelantoni Geiger of architectural training who proposed the Sculpture Space Girl Net: a tribute to the anniversary of the landing and the contribution of women in the history of the Space Aeronautics; the Sweden Joakim Hansèn, with a career as a street artist, presented Couple in Park, set in the characteristic urban context with an eye-catching graphic for lines and colors; finally, AD-Reflex, whose name refers to the Ascend/Descend notions and refers to the seductive forms of the sacred. The duo, composed of contemporary South African artists Johan Conradie and Karl Gustav Sevenster, proposed the Serpent Nest canvas, (2019) that draws a parallel between classical Greek mythology and the contemporary world, with references to the debates between painting and technology, as well as the current digital spread of fake news. 

Alessandro Cerioli was very satisfied both in the organization, and in the work of the new director Cristina Salmastrelli who was able to masterfully direct the event, helped by an all-female team and that did not neglect any details. 

Their presence at PULSE Art Fair 2020 is therefore confirmed, with a larger space and the representation of five artists so that the beauty of the artistic masterpieces on display on Lake Como is founded with the colors of the feverish Miami Art Week. 

(Nel titolo Couple in Park by Joakim Hansèn)

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