Modern Luxury Interiors South Florida and Ralph Pucci Miami present the new book by Marjorie Salvaterra HER: Meditations on Being Female.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019, Ralph Pucci’s Showroom, with its new chief editor Kara Franker, in collaboration with Modern Luxury Interiors South Florida, hosted a meet and greet in honor of the first book by Marjorie Salvaterra: HER, Meditations on Being Female.

Inside the showroom, the photographic works of Marjorie Salvaterra have decorated the walls of the rooms, furnished with polychrome and multi-shaped furniture from India Mahdavi, and from the geometric lights of Richard Meier.

Charlotte harmchair, Don Giovanni light and bishop by India Mahdavi

India Mahdavi is a highly appreciated interior designer who has set up the Ladurée pastry shops in Paris and Beverly Hills and the Valentino boutique in the Via del Babuino in Rome. His style is characterized by the use of harmonious lines, pastel colors and refined fabrics. Richard Meier, an internationally renowned archistar, who needs no introduction, has designed together with the daughter Ana Meier and Hervé Descottes a line composed of 12 pieces, produced in 2017, with simple and essential geometric lines and available exclusively in the showroom in Miami.

The Ralph Pucci showroom was born as a family reality in New York in 1950, started out as mannequins, with the passing of the years, one of the most prestigious exhibition galleries in the world that boasts of offices in addition to New York, also in Miami and Los Angels.

Marjorie Salvaterra, author of the book HER, Meditations on Being Female

Marjorie Salvaterra is a talented photographic artist from Los Angeles who has won numerous photographic awards including the Berenice Abbott Prize for Emerging Photographers in 2009 and in 2010, and the Palm Springs Photo Festival in 2010 and 2011. Her photography is a breath of fresh air that revolves around the figure of the woman with a set of surreal images in black and white with which the Salvaterra celebrates a hymn to this wonderful being, that man envies and tries to copy. Many women and one woman who appears irreverent, dramatic, ironic and fabulous. Salvaterra with the book HER, Meditations on Being Female, celebrates the fatigue and beauty that revolves around the figure of the woman. With a veil of mystery and a burst of originality, the book describes the essence of the woman in her complexity of roles: woman as daughter, mother, sister, friend, lover, worker. Roles that the female being explores in search of perfection, and that makes her author and promoter of her own destiny. Inspired by the works of Cindy Sherman and Sally Mann, the book is a collection of stimulating and witty feminine images that well differ from the idea of ​​representing the woman as a mere (and empty) celebration of physical beauty as it happens in glossy magazines. The photographs are set in natural environments, some of them are near the sea or currents of water. A targeted thematic choice because as Salvaterra says: “This artistic choice to capture the female image near the water is a metaphor for the life of women, in relation to the forces of nature: Water can drag you or you can weigh down; it is a choice that the woman makes at all times.”

Marjorie Salvaterra is currently involved in the promotional tour in the United States of America of her book HER, Meditations on Being Female, whose original works are in sale at the Dunkan Miller Gallery in Los Angeles.

And while waiting to see her next work, we rub our eyes in front of the ironic representation of Marjorie Salvaterra’s woman among photographs, objects and furniture of design.


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