Between the Legible and the Opaque: approach to an ideal put into practice, 19 artists performing at the Bakehouse Art Complex until 20 January 2020.

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Between the legible and the opaque: Approches to an ideal in Place, this is the title of the exhibition opened at the Bakehouse Art Complex (BAC) and curated by Adler Guerrier, inaugurated Saturday October 11th (and on display until March 31st 2020) in the presence, among others, of the Director Cathy Leff.

There are so many ways to interpret the legible and the opaque: it could be the medium used to render the work in a more similar way to the artist, which distinguishes, for example, the work in mixed technique by Alain Castoriano (Sub-tropical jazz , 2019) from the porcelain work of Gerbi Tsesarkaia (Journey, 2019).

Una lagrima por los baulas, 2019 by Lucia del Sanchez

It could refer only to the concept of paper alone on which the development of a concept creeps in. like the photographic prints of a beautiful girl in a pink tutu by Juan Matos (From the series episodio de la lucha clandestina en la Habana:  Nina ne la casa de habuelo Kiki, 2019) rather than on yupo paper (in polypropylene it is a compelling alternative to traditional art papers, machine-made entirely in the United States) and used for the geometries of the interiors in the works of Jenny Brillhart (Floors and days, 2019) or even the simple paper in grammage used by Marielle Plaisir in the representation of ink figures that highlight the magnificence that refer to the Macchiaioli style.

Journey, 2019 by Gerbi Tsesarkaia

A thousand and one meanings that make their way taking on compelling lines and forms such as the ceiling-hanging work of Lucia del Sanchez (Una lagrima por los baulas, 2019) in EPS foam, plaster, epoxy resin, pigment and acrylic, a reflection of the journeys of the artist in Costa Rica: a big tear falling from the ceiling that represents a part of the whole (the sea), in a drop, in which a woman swims, making the sense of perception of the place and of the notions that infer that are defined through color, materiality, use of language and instantaneousness: a multiplicity of readings produced by strategies proper to the meaning of the artists and by those of the spectator who interprets them.

Among the participating artists there are Liene Bosquê, Jude Broughan, Robert Chambers, Irina Dakhnovskaia-Lawton, Genderfail, Ivan Grilo, Xavier Luján, Marron et Masqué, Juan Matos, Nicole Maynard-Sahar, Tana Oshima, Alice Quaresma Carrie Sieh, and Cristina Victor.


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