A Day at the 1Hotel in Miami Beach.

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If it is true that we told you that Antidote’s Morning Story is on standby for the sultry summer heat of Florida, it is equally true that when it comes to excellence and commitment in terms of eco-sustainability it was inevitable that for the first pop-up store Antidote leaned on the avant-garde 1Hotel in Miami Beach.

1 Hotel, a philosophy of life well described in the few words expressed by Barry Sterlincht, CEO and Director of the Starwood Capital Group hotel and until 2005 Chairman and CEO of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc: “I wanted to capture the beauty of nature in a hotel and commit myself to safeguard it in the best possible way, a responsibility that I believe we all share. The world.

“We operate with a very simple premise: nature is beautiful and we want to keep it that way. “

A few incisive words, the rest is left to the eyes and wonder of those who walk through the front door.

Entirely played on a palette of neutral and pastel colors, the 1 Hotel is rich in natural elements that vaguely refer to the Mid Modern Century Style: wood, stone, vegetation. Nature, the world as Sterlincht says.

The 1 Hotel design has been studied by the award-winning Meyers Davis Studio in New York and the Brazilian Debora Aguiar Arquitetos, every detail is designed to be exactly where it should be, arousing in the structure and in the form the feeling of peace, calm of mind and relaxation.

LEED certificate, acronym for The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, demonstrates that it possesses the requisites of measurement required to be considered an eco-sustainable building which requires a system composed of a dozen territorial assessment standards, covering all aspects of the development and construction process. Striking in simpler words, LEED Certification offers a healthier living environment, which contributes to the well-being and increase of health and comfort, with the improvement of air quality, water up to the reduction of solid waste, energy saving with exclusive use of recycled wood and 100% organic materials. From the bed linen and linen to the service car, the Tesla.

And if it is true that the future of architecture involves the reforestation of green vegetation in every project created by man, and brings, when possible, the exterior inside, it is sufficient to cross the entrance door that opens onto the majestic lobby to notice the work of art developed by 2Alas + Paloma. A live mural, designed by 2Alas (a combination of artists Andrew Antonaccio & Filio Galvez) and decorated with moss, by Paloma Teppa of the Planth The Future studio. Floral visionary Paloma Teppa and Planth The Future, has a corner shop within the same 1Hotel where you can admire and buy her creations. Her artistic optics start from the concept of the biophilia of Edward O. Wilson: a scientific hypothesis proposed in 1984 that empirically detects the innate tendency of man to concentrate his own interest on life and on the vital processes. Because the charm of plants extends beyond the visual aspect and the green nourishes us at all levels, artistic too.

The Miami Beach 1Hotel in 2341 Collins Avenue, occupies an entire block, offering unparalleled views of the Atlantic Ocean, Biscayne Bay and the ever-changing skyline of Downtown Miami. Built in 2015, it is a 5-star Luxury hotel, with 425 rooms, including 168 suites, with the of 1Hotel signature: reusable recycled water glasses to be used with the tap water in the Triple Clear Water room.

In addition to this gem, there’s 4 swimming pools, a rooftop prohibited to children under 21 years of age, equipped with a 110-meter long ocean-view pool, a Basecamp Club for children aged 4 to 12 who offers daily activities: nature walks, shells art, cooking programs, plantation activities and many other educational activities that focus on bringing children closer to nature while educating them about the world we live in and the importance of caring for them.

It includes 7 restaurants: the Beachcraft of award-winning chef James-Beard who cooks with ingredients from local Florida farms and seasonal fishing menus; Tom On Collins offering cocktails, beers and small plates; the Watr at 1 Rooftop, specializing in Japanese-inspired dishes; the Plnthouse, a vegetarian restaurant run by the famous Matthew Kenney; the Habitat for a rich brunch curated by José Mendin; the Sand Box for a meal served by the pool; the Native Made and the Lobby Farmstand with culinary partnerships connected to the local community. In addition the Home dining with exclusive room service.

In addition to all this two excellences for the first time on American soil: the Bamford Haybarn Spa directed by the Londoner Carole Bamford engaged in assisting the mind, body and spirit, inspired by the beating heart of nature, practicing yoga, pilates and meditation offering relaxing spa shelters, special treatments, massages and meditation, everything using organic and botanical ingredients in a series of luxury treatments and products.

Finally, the large Spartan Gym designed with state-of-the-art equipment based on the Spartan method and it’s divided into the main areas of fitness: athletics, strength, endurance and mind. This unprecedented partnership offers instruction from certified local Spartan trainers who are dedicated to helping those of all levels of fitness.

Then, for those who, having great possibilities,  decided not to go back to everyday life and live there,  1Hotel offers penthouse and residences from a thousand and one night reserved for a few exclusives. Hurry up though because despite the prohibitive prices they are almost sold-out !!!

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